Sintered Bearings

Oilite Industries produces the best quality ferrous & non-ferrous sintered components which fully confirm to our customers total requirements, at a competitive price. Sintered self lubricating bush, bearings & parts are manufactured by us using powder metallurgy process. It has a strong & rigid structure due to complete alloying of the metals during manufacture. The porosity is distributed throughout the body by way of inter connecting channels & reservoirs. This results in a self lubricating bearing, which provides automatic lubrication for long periods without attention Application Sintered bush bearings & parts are used in Machine-Tools,Pumps,Fans,SugarMills,Textile & Jute Mills,Crane Manufacturers,Railways,Wagon Manufacturers,Steel & Power plants,Aviation Industry, Ammunition factories & various other important industries.


  • Sintered Bush

    • Sintered Bronze Plain Bush

    • Sintered Iron Plain Bush

    • Sintered Bronze Flanged Bush

    • Sintered Iron Flanged Bush

    • Sintered Bronze Washer

    • Sintered Iron Washer

  • PSM Rings(Sintered Rings For Textile & Jute Mills)

  • Pre Shortening Inserts For Draft Gear.

  • Powder Metallurgy Products. Advantages Of Sintered Bush Bearings:

    • Built-Inlubrication- once installed, requires no lubrication and gives long life.

    • Elimination of oil grooves and holes.

    • Elimination of grease cups & lubricators.

    • Reduced wear & quite performance.

  • Reduced Oil Consumption.

  • No oil leakage- contamination of manufactured articles is avoided.

  • Oil cushion- the lubricant in the process is forced up to the bush bearing surface by increase in load.

  • Produces good surface finishes.

  • Precise tolerance accurately maintained.

  • Low noise level.

  • Facilitates manufacture of complex or unique shapes which would be impractical or impossible with other metal working process.

  • Green Technology. The PM process saves natural resources through recycling, conserves raw materials and the manufacturing yields low emissions.



Brand Name OILITE
Place of Origin India
Outside Diameter CUSTOMIZED