PSM Rings

The company is the noted Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of precisely designed PSM Rings. Our Porous Sintered Material Rings are fabricated using sintering process of Iron powder in which additives and other alloying elements are further added. PSM Rings that we offer have pre-determined density, volume of pores and maximum oil storage capacity. Our Sintered Iron Rings have high degree of strength, toughness and hardness due to the heat treatment. Thus, these rings are resistant to wear and abrasion. The surface treatment given to these rings improves the smoothness of the ring’s surface without causing any damage to the porous structure, which ultimately reduces friction between ring & traveller. Our PSM Rings are demanded in Textile & Jute Industries.

Advantages :

  • Porous structure provides lubrication throughout the ring surface and reduces friction between ring & traveler resulting in long life, which is not possible in steel rings.
  • The PSM Ring acts as a bearing to provide guide on which traveler can run.
  • Due to regular lubrication, these rings generate comparatively low heat when yarn or fibers are passing, in comparison to steel rings.
  • Oil supply is regulated and hence there is no chance of contamination of production material.